Amps Air +

Tough Beauty

SOL Republic received enthusiastic accolades for the iconic industrial design of the first generation true wireless Amps Air. SOL Republic called on MAST to create an iconic in-ear fashionable product that was suitable for the active professional. SOL had 2019 in their sights and needed to move quickly; over the past 5 years the market for TWS (true wireless) has increased exponentially and the next generation Amps Air 2 + would be SOL’s  flagship product.

After exhaustive market and user research, the MAST team concluded three focus areas to stand out in a crowded market. MAST’s first priority was to create a design language that would be iconic, elegant and thoughtful. In order to achieve this we prioritized a compressed electro-mechanical architecture where every cc of air would be scrutinized. Last, and certainly not least, we needed to develop and define intuitive UI controls. MAST remained committed and persevered after several painstaking rounds of uncompromising refinement. The outcome is a timeless audio experience. 

110618_SR_Amps2_CMF_Midnight 10_NEW LIGHTING_August 2019 16 9 Crop.jpg